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January 23, 2012

[ni.Ju] Kumi

[ni.Ju] Kumi, originally uploaded by Vitani Jun.

New item for Perfect Wardrobe is out!

90L for 2 weeks only @PW
180L – normal price
DEMO is provided (L$0)


The previous item (tintable claws) is now out at the mainstore.


January 17, 2012

[ni.Ju] Visual Edge

[ni.Ju] Visual Edge, originally uploaded by Vitani Jun.

New Release!
Simple but edgy visual kei/j-rock inspired black eyeliner

6 different types within one set
Each type includes a left eye and right eye only version for an asymmetrical look. Can be used alone or with other tattoos!

Out now!

January 14, 2012

[ni.Ju] Hairbows

[ni.Ju] Hairbows, originally uploaded by Vitani Jun.

This was a side project I decided to make as I work on my main project I have going at the moment.

99L per set
600L for the fatpack+rainbow version bow

Each set comes 4 types of bows; a regular size hairbow and oversized version, both in LIGHT stripes, DARK stripes, and solid colors.

Out now!

January 12, 2012

[ni.Ju] The Cafe Hunt PRIZE

[ni.Ju] The Cafe Hunt PRIZE, originally uploaded by Vitani Jun.

Hunt takes place January 15th ~ January 31st.


I am unsure whether or not I will sell this after the hunt. I haven’t decided yet.

January 9, 2012

[ni.Ju] Tintable claws ad

[ni.Ju] Tintable claws ad, originally uploaded by Vitani Jun.

New round of Perfect Wardrobe starts today!
Theme is Fairytale.

Here is my item!
This will probably be the last of the claws that I plan to make, so to top things off, I made them extra customizable!

90L for 2 weeks
After the event – 150L

January 7, 2012


[ni.Ju] NEW LOCATION, originally uploaded by Vitani Jun.

The sim my store is own got redesigned, and I was relocated to another area.

Here’s the new SLURL:

January 1, 2012

[ni.Ju] Vektra

[ni.Ju] Vektra, originally uploaded by Vitani Jun.

Via Flickr:
I was trying out a new tintable technique; so rather than providing a bunch of different colors in on and different options sold seperately, I decided to make them fully tintable and let you choose the color!

They are fun to play around with if you use a viewer that supports multiple tattoo layers. x)

Out now!

January 1, 2012

[ni.Ju] Vendetta

[ni.Ju] Vendetta, originally uploaded by Vitani Jun.

Out now!