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December 19, 2010

tongue ! (via Shop with JCliassi)

Wow, my RSS feed on my computer is so screwed up. xD Apparently whenever my computer is restarted, in come the feed updates! However, the feeds are old — sometimes even repeats. I JUST saw this awesome (pardon for using that word as well) post by the owner of Skream that was dated 16 days ago! xD
Anywho, Jaq did such an incredible job on picture she took that I had to share it with you guys along with my long overdue announcement of [ni.Ju] participating in the Fashion Rehabilitation for the month of December (2010). The theme is “Yes, I’m Transfer!” Find out more about this sale event by clicking the link below:

The slurl link is on the original blog posting (via Shop with JCliassi). (Sorry to make you go through the extra trouble.)

Cost is L$120 and do keep in mind you are getting 5 TRANSFERABLE tongues (because it comes with 5 different attachment point locations). The tongues are modify as well. Feel free to IM me or drop me a notecard if you have any questions or problems. ^^ ~Vitani Jun

tongue ! ni.Ju has an awesome new tongue piercing out @ Skream for the December Fashion Rehabilitation !!! visit Skream! … Read More

via Shop with JCliassi

December 18, 2010

Explore, Twomoons Island!

Explore, Twomoons Island!.

I have a new satellite location! Click the following above link to find out more about the sim.

I decided to rent a “hut” a Miasnow’s new sim 😀 It’s in direct view from the landing point, so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

Because I do not know how long I will be here for (I will definitely be here for the next two weeks however!), I have decided to set up my LB glow dragon wings there for people to buy for L$30 a piece. Even though they were meant to be exclusively for my Lucky Boards, I wanted to still give people an opportunity to still be able to get the wings considering the fact that I am still a fairly new store and am not well known to many people. Plus it also gives the opportunity to people that don’t have a lot of extra time to be watching LBs.

I apologize for not having a slurl for you guys, but I do not have one easily on hand to copy and paste. ^^;

I also know I have A LOT of updating to do for my store, but on my blog and in my subscriber, and I wanted to put it all together as well as in order (and not scattered randomly) to prevent any confusion.

Aaand I do have more releases coming, as soon as I finally get things organized then set up, as well as ads to be made. ^^;;