Rainbow Eye Freebie (prim eyes included)

A good friend of mine found a terrific pair of free rainbow eyes that come with it’s equivalent prim parts. They are by SISU – Visavi (I’m not sure if that’s the entire name or if it’s just Visavi (since the items are labeled with a ” – V – ” [which typically means it stands as an abbreviation for the store name])).

In the picture on the right, I’m wearing both the prim and the regular eye (the eye body part; no attachment). The prim eye — which I’m wearing on my left eye (the eye on the right out of the two) — is slightly bigger and completely opaque (meaning it’s not translucent [see-through] like some prim eye attachments are).

Additional analysis: It’s also has a glow to it, however it’s not as simply made as you may think. Upon closer look, the creator has created a layered effect as so to give some portions of the eye more glow than the other portions (as well as some parts of the eye no glow).
The prim attachments only cover the pupil, iris, and black outline of the eye, leaving the rest of body part eye to show through (this part is usually the white part of the eye [that is, unless you use completely black surrounded eyes instead of white like human eyes naturally are]), so you could use other body part eyes behind the prim attachments.



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